Meet Me In Miami


Luis was just 12 years old when he met Julia on a family holiday in Miami


They spent the summer laughing, playing and wishing it would never end.

When it came time for Julia to fly home to New Zealand they vowed to meet at their wishing well fountain at the same time each year.


Each year Luis waited...but each year Julia failed to show up.


10 years later, Luis, now heir to a hotel fortune, decides to risk everything in the hope of finding his true love.


With his best friend Eduardo in tow he jets off to New Zealand determined to find Julia and win her back.

Meet Me In Miami


A Silvers/Koster Production


Directed by Iren Koster


Written by Tracey Silvers & Iren Koster


Filmed in New Zealand


Running Time 94 minutes



...I loved this movie! It's got comedy. Some of the lines are laugh out loud funny. It's romantic. Every woman wants a man like Luis who loves her for who she is rather than her outer appearances.


...Very sweet and innocent. No violence or sex scenes. I recommend watching this movie; it is a good reminder that we should always follow our dreams.


...I thought this movie was a great family film. The chemistry between the lead female Tara Leniston and Carlos Ponce was fantastic, as was the chemistry between Eduardo and Carlos.