Dead End - Directed by Iren Koster


Deja-vu is the name of the game when former detective-turned best-selling-crime-author Todd Russell is confronted by a series of copycat killings which bear a remarkable similiarity to a speight of serial killings he investigated as a detective 10 years ago.


His detailed prior knowledge of the original slayings makes him the key suspect and as the evidence and bodies begin to pile up, he is forced to become involved for a second time. All of this, compounded by his severe, mysterious headaches and his untimely discovery that he's been adopted, turn his life into his own worst nightmare....

Dead End


A Silvers-Koster Production


Running Time 1 hr 35 minutes


Written by Iren Koster


Directed by Iren Koster


Produced by Tracey Silvers & Iren Koster



...Pleasantly surprised. The acting, directing & locations are first rate. Definitely worth seeing.

...At times you wonder who the real killer is.

...This thriller was truly scary. I found myself jumping a lot during the film.

...The production value and locations are first rate. If you're a fan of Hitchcock, it shouldn't be missed.

...This film has the most important element in a suspense/thriller - an unpredictable ending.

....If you like smartly written "Hitchcockian" mysteries, you will like Dead End.



Iren Koster also composed several songs which were used on the movie soundtrack of Dead End.


               Know The Feeling                                   Nowhere Land