Mustang Sally (aka Mustang Sally's Horror House)


Terror awaits a group of college students when they descend on a mysterious brothel after overhearing three bikers talking about the girls at Mustang Sally's brothel.


Hoping for a little fun before another grueling semester at college, the boys head off to find the mysterious house of ill repute. It soon becomes clear that Mustang Sally, has more on her mind than passion.


With her girls: Caressa, Persuasion, Likilick, Kitten, Titianna and Tushalean. The friends soon find themselves lured into a trap from which they may never escape in this campy horror treat.

Mustang Sally


A Silvers/Koster Production


Written by Iren Koster


Directed by Iren Koster


Produced by Tracey Silvers


Running time 88 minutes



...This campy movie is funny and certainly entertains.


...Mustang Sally has it all... Sexy guys and girls, thrills, murder, twists and turns, and an ending that will shock everyone! Plus, it was nice seeing brand new faces in this movie instead of the same old actors you see film after film.


...A lot better than you would expect, and better than most,


...Once in a while, a little movie is made at a low budget, that transcends most others. We've seen big budgeted movies that have a weak story but Mustang Sally tells a really captivating one and does it with a modest budget.


...Mustang Sally is a fun movie for all. It's not just gore and sex like you might expect from the title. There's a real story being told. And, there's hints of comedy too. What more can you ask for?



Iren Koster composed the music for Mustang Sally. Below are two songs from the movie soundtrack.


         They Call Her Mustang Sally                       When She's Gone